Established in 2015 Coot-tha Mountain Bike Club is based at Gap Creek Reserve and provides mountain biking lessons to Kids and Juniors.


Mountain biking is not just a sport. Riding a trail, in many ways, summarises various facets of life, as it requires focus, mindfulness, as well as courage and commitment. Mountain biking procures a lot of emotional gratification. When we successfully tackle an obstacle, a pinch climb or a steep descent, it feels incredibly good, exhilarating, and genuine. It feels like the “real” thing. Conversely, when we fall off the bike, coming to grief with a root or a rock or a log, we feel mortified and scared. But we get back on the bike, try again and eventually succeed after more attempts. Mountain biking develops our resilience, our determination. It teaches us to commit and give it a go, while channelling and quieting our fears and anxieties.

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